Sunday, November 16, 2008

Better be good to your students or else...


Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to a guy whose sister is married to the drummer of Lynard Skynard. You may have heard of them...

Click on this link to see Lynard Skynard perfrom "Sweet Home Alabama."

He was saying that he gets to go to concerts at least once a year and gets pretty decent seats to boot! He also gets back stage visits and the VIP treatment. Why not??? He's family!

Now, I had wondered where the band had come up with their name--after all, it is unique in the sense it isn't a label (like "The Beach Boys") or a family name of a band member (Van Halen) or just a word that may represent their message (Green Day).

Anyway, turns out that the original members of the band went to high school together. They had the long hair that was common in the sixties, but they wore it in a pretty conservative area. Their gym teacher constantly gave them a hard time about their appearance (among other things). The guys didn't like him much, I guess, but they decide to "honor" him nonetheless....

His name was Leonard Skinner.

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