Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heaven in Boston---ALA, 2010

Hello ALL!

Last weekend, I went to Boston to ALA and it was incredible! Seriously, it was heaven for anyone who loves books!

Imagine having every publisher represented in one room! (I have a serious crush on Random House. I'm just sayin...) And, as you walk by their booths, these angelic people call out to you, "Excuse me! Would you like a complimentary copy of this ARC (Advanced Readers Copy)?" WAY better than a kid in a candy store! Way better!

I connected with old friends, too. So, I have to say that it doesn't get better than this for a weekend away! Books, friends, books, talented authors, friends, books. This is how the day went!

On Friday, I had dinner at Emmet's Pub with my agent, Erin Murphy, and her partner in crime, Joan Paquette. An absolutely perfect way to start out the whole adventure! I ordered the chicken pot pie to be a traditional Irishwoman but ate very little. I think I talked a lot. Nothing "Irish" about that, now is there?!

On Saturday, I attended ALA. If you EVER have the opportunity to go, DON'T pass it up! I met/reconnected with SO many great people and their work!

Andrew Clements, author of FRINDLE among other greats in children's lit.

Barbara Johansen-Newman, author/illustrator of the adorable, kid-friendly TEX AND SUGAR. She's a blast to talk with, too!

Thrilled to reconnect with Newbery winner, Cynthia Lord, and Printz winner, Ellen Wittlinger. Terrific authors! Even better people!!!

Incredibly talented writers/illustrators, Brian Lies (BATS ON THE BEACH and others in series) and Barbara Johansen Newman.

New friend and debut author, Jame Richards. I scored her ARC, THREE RIVERS RISING, A NOVEL OF THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD. Can't wait to dive in! Well, you know what I mean...

Was so happy to reconnect with Alisa Libby, author of BLOOD CONFESSIONS. If you ever wnat to know about writing historical fiction, she's your girl! Amazing wealth of info. And fun to talk with, too!

Here I am at the Tweet/Greet with fab author, Ann Hayward Leal. We met in a writers' class a few months back and became instant friends! She's a blast AND she wears Converse!!
Her debut novel, ALSO KNOWN AS HARPER is fantastic! Seriously.

I met Caldecott author/illustrator, Christopher Bing, for the first time. It is rare to be so blown away by someone's artwork! I spent my lunch money on his books! An excellent trade off!

Not only is his talent stunning, but you'll rarley meet such a good guy. He writes a paragraph in his books when he signs them. A Paragraph!!! And he chats with people because he thinks (and he's right!) it makes a better memory.

And...he loves the Red Sox. Need I say more?

So, after I get my YA done, I'll be working my way through my ARCs! Here are the ones I am most excited about:

KYLE'S ISLAND by Sally Derby (Charlesbridge)
BAMBOO PEOPLE By Mitali Perkins (Charlesbridge)
THREE RIVERS RISING by Jame Richards (Knopf)
THE WONDER OF CHARLIE ANNE by Kimberly Newton Fusco (Knopf)
THIS MEANS WAR by Ellen Wittlinger (S&S)
STAR IN THE FOREST by Laura Resau (Delacorte)
SPLIT by Swati Avasthi (Knopf)
HOW TO GROW UP AND RULE THE WORLD by Vordak the Incomprehensible (Egmont) (My 12 year old son already read this in one sitting. LOVES it!)

I will be posting reviews here as soon as humanly possible. SO excited!!!

THANKS to ALA for putting on such an incredible event. THANKS to my agent, Erin Murphy, for being SO awesome! THANKS to Mitali Perkins who organized the Meet/Tweet event on Saturday night; this was a big high point of ALA for me! And THANKS to all of the authors and editors and publishers who...sigh...make such great books...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Off to ALA in Boston!

I am SO excited! I'm going to my first ALA conference in Boston!!! I'm pumped!!!

Sigh...Have not been blogging as much as I'd like. Very busy working on the new site, organizing the SCBWI Whispering Pines Writers Retreat, and finishing my second YA--due February first. So life is completely great...Just busy! ;-)