Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gango Retreat. Portland, OR, 2009

Gangos: (FR) Joan, Tam, Colin (BR) Kathy, Laura, Cynthia, Susan, Dawn, Zu, Erin, Lynda (Ruth and Conrad are missing :-(

It is a rare thing when such a happening comes along. When you connect with people in a matter of days....And leave as close friends...

As Erin's newest client, I decided to be brave and fly out to Portland, Oregon, to the 3rd annual Gango Retreat that Erin holds for her children's writers every year. Even though I am the greenest Gango, it seemed important to make an appearance. And I wanted to meet Erin in person. You know, to see if she was as amazing as my intuition told me she was. And I wanted to meet some of her other clients as well.

WOW! Erin, Joan (EMLA's new and fabulous associate agent) and the "Gang of Erin" (as ourselves :-) are not only more than I expected, but more than I could have imagined. As the "newbie," I was folded in immediately. There were no lines between published/unpublished, newbies/veterans. I found the group to be not only kind, welcoming, and hysterically funny...but also supremely talented!! The writing talent of these people...And their generosity in helping some of us who aren't quite so experienced...yet!

And Erin is a perfect match for my work. Not only a perfect match for my characters...but a perfect match for me, as a writer. Erin's level of respect for her clients--and theirs for her--is obvious. And, along with some healthy doses of friendly ribbing, there's plenty of affection there as well.

I just blessed. So blessed indeed....