Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year, Fellow Writers!

Hello all! Happy New Year!

As we all sit at the table of contents this year, let us not be spineless. My proposal is that we enter this chapter of 2009 with a strong voice, writing the wrongs of the past when we may have felt a tad double-spaced.

Be an agent of your own success; you’ve got it covered! During this period, take the utmost care of yourself so that your colon doesn’t become a semi-colon. Also, keep your appendix intact even if editors tell you it isn’t necessary. After all, to some publishing houses (you know the type) you are but an indented servant (okay—that was bad) and so your hair may not fall quite right (that was worse). But, that’s okay because our sentences as writers are short in the big arc of things—why any shorter and they would be a fragments.

If it makes you feel better, take this period to chart your progress; make a graph. In fact, make a para-graphs, if you’d like! But, above all else, I must punctuate the idea of beating yourself into submission this year. Do it...and it could be…a novel idea! :<)

Wonderful wishes to you all for the New Year! And I do apologize for this message…sort of. :<)

Yours truly,
Cal Decott