Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 Random Things


I know people are doing this on Facebook (and so did I) but I'm cheating and listing it here as well, since I've been meaning to do an entry. Life's been busy.....

25 Random Things About Me:

1. My family nicknames as a kid were “Lulu” and “Imp.”

2. I am a decent juggler. I learned during finals in college after a fruit basket was delivered. It was late at night; I was afraid I’d fall asleep on my desk, so I got up, started trying it and by dawn, I could juggle. (Yes, I think the final went okay!) I think everyone should learn to juggle. It’s a good lesson in dealing with frustration and perseverance.

3. I married the best guy ever! We are coming up on our 19th wedding anniversary, but it really feels like a lot less time! We met at the age of 15—the age our daughter will be in two weeks! EEK!

4. As a teacher, I knew that I would love having children of my own. However, I never knew HOW much I would love being a mom. How much I just totally love and enjoy these two great kids!

5. I needed braces when I was young, but finances were an issue. As a last ditch effort, the dentist pulled 13 teeth in one afternoon (4 adult and 9 baby teeth) After receiving “laughing gas” I kept telling the doctor that “I am unique—unlike any being ever born before.” Ain’t THAT the truth, huh!?

6. I miss my Mum calling me at 9:32 AM on my birthday—the very minute I was born.

7. Originally, I was going to do this list by listing 24 completely plausible but fictitious items, with the last one being, “I like to make stuff up.” One of my cousins beat me to a similar concept—must be in the blood!

8. I absolutely LOVE the ocean. Not only the serene beauty of it but also the crashing of the waves and swirling of the salt water and all the things that go on below the surface. And with all the exotic places in the world, I still love Cape Cod and Maine the most.

9. As a child, I used to hitchhike to church.

10. When I was 12, I had a ticket to see Shaun Cassidy (eat your hearts out, ladies!) sing at the Harford Civic Center. Two weeks before the concert, the roof fell in. I never saw him sing, and to this day, have felt a deep, unquenchable void…

11. I had one of those long, fake fur coats in the seventies. Were they popular or was I the only one??? At the age of ten, I went skiing wearing aforementioned fashion statement. While riding the “J-bar” up the hill, I waited too long to “unboard.” The “J-bar” went up my back to my shoulder blades and lifted me into the air by the coat, carrying me into the woods. They had to stop the J-bar to get some guys—and a ladder—to get me down.

12. I often wake up in the morning with a song in my head. It usually lingers and usually means something; it stays there until I figure out what. My favorite song when I was eight was “Tie a Yellow Ribbon.” My husband is baffled by this.

13. When I was in the fifth grade, we went to Sturbridge Village on a school trip. I “volunteered” to go in the stocks as a demonstration. The girl (new employee) put an antique padlock on the thing only to find there was NO key! It took over an hour to find a saw and get me out. Because of our unit on the Salem Witch Trials at school, I developed the nickname “Witchy Poo.”

14. I had always wanted to watercolor paint but never bothered to try. About four years ago, I signed up for a $15 class and found that I do paintings that don’t look like I drink heavily of paint with a blindfold! Not like I’m Monet or anything, but I’ve completed several of them and I love it!

15. My son had a febrile seizure when he was three. It was far and away the scariest moment of my life.

16. My brother, Michael Eric, died from asthma when he was three and I still think of him every day.

17. “Welcome to our World” is my favorite Christmas Carol. Also, I have a very strong faith in God. It wasn’t always that way, though.

18. I have a beagle named “Bagel;” she is my favorite carbohydrate.

19. When my brother, Rick, announced he was going to law school, I loudly proclaimed, “Well, I’m going to be a prostitute!” This is one of the few times I remember my family being silent. I had confused “prostitute” with “prosecutor”—a very common mistake, I’m sure! :<)

20. For the fun of it, I write stories. For hours. And hours. And hours. Love it! Would love to publish a book someday!

21. I have over 60 first cousins.

22. I spent a summer with my Godmother, Dotsie, and her family when I was eight. It was the best summer I ever had as a kid—truly a family filled with love and laughter. They served as a model for me as I became an adult and started a family of my own. Still think of that VW bus!

23. My office is filled with color and child-like things. I have a collection of kaleidoscopes (one handmade by my aunt Margaret—my favorite!), antique gumball machines, snow globes, colorful glass balls, stuffed dolls of famous scientists and artists—my favorite of them being Albert Einstein, paintings done by my kids, pics of the people I love, and a 3-D pic of Times Square. I LOVE color!!!

24. As far as I know, I’ve never had a fever. When I was four, I had asthma and went into respiratory failure. I was placed on a machine that lowered my body temp to kill the bacteria (opposite of a fever!). I remember being able to hear everything people said but could not move, open my eyes, or speak. Very strange experience! I was not supposed to survive but I did.

25. While sledding as a child, my sled went farther than expected and I went into a river (Remember “It’s a Wonderful Life?”). My sled broke through the ice, but my brother, John, pulled me out, wrapped me in his coat, and pulled me home in his sled.

26. I once dug up the neighbor’s plants, put them in a wheel barrow and pushed them to the center of town to try and sell them. No pots or anything--just balls of dirt. A marketing genius from an early age, eh?!

27. ONE of these things is not true. Can you guess which one???

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