Thursday, December 3, 2009



Time flies, eh? I said I'd blog more so, technically, even though it's been two weeks...It's still more!

I've been working on my mid-grade novel today and wrote a chapter that I know works. It's a point in the book that really needs to be poignant and I've written a couple of earlier versions of the scene that were technically fine...but, when you really came down to it, were just words on a page--but TODAY! Today...finally...I nailed it. Hopefully, I'll still agree with this assessment tomorrow. That's the real test--24 hours!

Hurray! Better get back to it!
Merry December!


ChatRabbit said...

That's GOOD news, does it hold up now? I hope you still feel the same way!

Laurie Smith Murphy said...

When that happens, it's a great feeling! Keep it up, Lynda!